Ripple Voltage Filter (Cap-Pack)

EM Performance products released its tough ripple voltage filter and energy booster ( cap-pack ) to improve the performance of the speed control (ESC).

We use the best materials and components to make our products, our capacitors Are Not general, standard or multi-propose, we use special capacitors with extremely low esr and they have been developed to handle high levels of ripple voltage.  Our signature high current pcb was designed by an Electronics Engineer.  High Power Brushless Electric Systems demand high levels of current that’s why we use 8 awg wire with pure silicon jacket. Our design is optimized to support high temperature,  we use three levels of insulation and our capacitors are 105 degree rated.

This filter will boost your complete electronic system, reduces temperature in your ESC, prolongs batteries duration and life, and you can expect a quicker acceleration and more speed.  Our voltage filter will keep all ripples voltages that your batteries, wires and connectors produces at the lowest possible.  The first consequence of the high level of ripples voltages is the damage your ESC. To install the cap-pack just do the soldering between main positive and main negative of your ESC. We always recommend soldering close to the ESC.

This cap-pack is manufactured industrially (not home-made), following the best and most rigorous quality control processes.

Note: Our cap-pack will not change your ESC capability, for example if your ESC is rated for 6s max your ESC will be 6s max even if you use our product.

You can see our product in action in many videos on YouTube.