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New Name – Same Guaranteed Quality. We have grown!: RC Hornet is now EM Performance. This is exciting news, since now we can offer you more products, more power, and of course, more speed to your vehicle than ever before. Take a look at our products featured on RC Driver, RC Car Action and more.

RCDRL PUERTO RICO 4WD Outlaw ET 1.647 06/23/2019

Owner of the Car: Tonito Oirazan

Driver: Kelvin Vega

EM Performance Products Used in this Car: Cap Pack, EM Performance Specter Arrma Motor Mount, EMP Specter Arrma 2A Center Shaft Kit with Spur Gear Adapter 8 mm. 

Harry Maldonado RCRDL PUERTO RICO 04/21/2019 with EM PERFORMANCE

EM Performance CAP PACK

1.6616 @ 104 MPH

YouTube Video: Harry Maldonado until 33 seconds ( yellow Typhon ) and Antonio Nazario driver with Kelvin Vega orange Typhon. 8th Scale Outlaw RCDRL Puerto Rico 4-21-19 Drag Race Harry Maldonado 1.6616 @ 104 mph Kelvin Vega 1.6757 @ 87.3 mph both rc cars with EM Performance Cap Packs. First and second place at the rc drag race.

Martin Reber Electric Storm 165.29 MPH EM Performance Cap Pack