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Arrma Infraction Complete EMP Build Kit

Arrma Limitless V2 Complete Build! 150mph+ RC Car Max Power! Castle Creations Xlx2 (EM Performance Limited Edition Arrma Specter Motor Mount)

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Peter Dirks Hobao VTE2 176 MPH

EMP Hobao VT

A.P. Racing Master of Faster Hobao VT EMP Drag Race Parts (1, 2, 3)


Luis Medina Arrma Infraction 1.58 S EMP Arrma Drag Race Parts


Wonkk William Penn (1, 2, 3, 4) from Street Empire RC out of NYC


Efrain Cantu Hobao VT 1.53 s EMP Hobao VT Drag Race Parts

Harry Maldonado Arrma Limitless 1.67 s @ 6S EM Performance Arrma Drag Race Parts 


Harry Maldonado 1.65s @ 6S EMP Arrma Drag Race Parts 


Image Courtesy of Julian Dodds Hobao VT EM Performance Drag Race Parts


RCDRL PUERTO RICO 4WD Outlaw ET 1.647 06/23/2019

Car Owner: Tonito Oirazan

Driver: Kelvin Vega

EM Performance Products Used in this Car: Cap Pack, EM Performance Specter Arrma Motor Mount, EMP Specter Arrma 2A Center Shaft Kit with Spur Gear Adapter 8 mm. 

Harry Maldonado RCRDL PUERTO RICO 04/21/2019 with EM PERFORMANCE

EM Performance CAP PACK

1.6616 @ 104 MPH

YouTube Video: Harry Maldonado until 33 seconds ( yellow Typhon ) and Antonio Nazario driver with Kelvin Vega orange Typhon. 8th Scale Outlaw RCDRL Puerto Rico 4-21-19 Drag Race Harry Maldonado 1.6616 @ 104 mph Kelvin Vega 1.6757 @ 87.3 mph both rc cars with EM Performance Cap Packs. First and second place at the rc drag race.

Martin Reber Electric Storm 165.29 MPH EM Performance Cap Pack